3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Business Blog

Before examining how writing a blog can help your business, it’s helpful to define what the term “blog” means. A blog is a personal journal, usually written by an individual, and published on the World Wide Web. Posts are displayed in reverse chronological order, with the newest blog appearing first. Blogs have become so popular that “according to Bloomberg Business Week, there are 9 million blogs on the internet, with 40,000 new blogs published every day.”

Some blogs are so silly, that readers quickly move on. Who wants to hear the trials and tribulations of a woman who hates house work, or the endless complaints of a couch potato, who wants to avoid working for a living?

On the other hand, if you want to keep up with the competition, a business blog that is frequently updated can draw people to your website. Let’s examine three other ways that a blog can help you create a good income in your business.

Shows Customers Your Product Line

If you have web design skills, this is a good time to put those skills into practice. Your blog should have a pleasing balance of color and design, with a font such as Tahoma, which is easy on the eyes. Don’t use technical terms that the reader can’t understand, and have an FAQ page for common customer questions.

Products should be easy to access. We live in an impatient society, and if readers can’t find what they’re looking for on the first try, they probably won’t come back.

Demonstrates Your Individual Personality

This is your business, and you want to put your own spin on it. If your personality is more on the serious side, you might feel more comfortable offering statistics on your products, such as ease of use, or how many people are buying.

On the other hand, if your blog is too serious, readers will visit and quickly move on. If you want to have fun with your blog while providing necessary information, you can tell a funny story that relates to the product. When readers are ready to make a purchase of this product, they’ll remember you, and you’ll make the sale.

Invites Feedback

How do you find out if someone likes your product? Conduct a survey on your blog, and to encourage participation, offer a prize from your product line or a gift card for Starbucks.

Contests are another way to invite feedback. This is an area that you can use your creativity, and come up with a unique contest. Ask readers to look up the history of the product, or have a quiz on different ways that the product can be used. Announce the winner on your blog, so you can spread the word to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Competition is a fact of life, and to create a good income, you have to become very creative. Writing an informative blog that shows your product line in a positive light, can turn readers into customers.

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Small Business Weekly – How to Plan Your Business

Every business big or small has to plan how to operate the business to ensure that your business succeeds. When you have a plan, it is always easier to manage your business and see problems before they actually arise. A business plan gives you a contingency plan that can be a life saver in the long run. You can choose to do this weekly, twice weekly or even monthly. It is always a good idea to discipline yourself to have a small business plan on a weekly basis.

When you are organizing your business on a weekly basis, it is a viable idea to have a meeting with your employees. In this briefing, you can analyze the business based on the previous week and it will be easier for you to correct or improve on any shortcomings in the current one. In addition you can easily organize how your employees will work especially if one of them will be unavailable. This will ensure the smooth running of the business.

It is also essential that the small business owner organize the financial aspect of his or her business every week. This means gaining access to the bills to be paid, the priority, the amounts to be allocated to each etc. It will make easier for you to make payments without delays. You will appear to be a reliable small business owner when you have a consistent pattern especially in the eyes of your debtors.

When you organize your small business on a weekly basis you will be in a position to see the progress of your business. You will be able to analyze which part of the business is weak and needs improving. This will give you a chance to make changes before the month is over. Planning and strategizing your business in this manner will always give you a hands-on approach on your small business.

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A Business Coach/Consultant Is a Change Merchant

Being a business consultant/coach in today’s ever-increasing competitive world frequently involves getting one’s clients to consider making changes in their structures, systems, and procedures if they are to maximize the return they expect. Frequently my role is to become like a chiropractor for the business. Chiropractic which is now recognized as a legitimate approach to ensuring sustainable health is very different from the traditional medical route but it shares a common denominator. Most people will not seek out the care of either a medical doctor or a chiropractor until they begin to experience “pain.” Here’s the problem with this. Pain is nothing more than a symptom and in virtually all cases it is the last symptom.

Someone who has been a heavy smoker might finally show up in a waiting room complaining that they are experiencing pain when they breathe. But weren’t there a myriad of symptoms that occurred before the decision was made to go and see “somebody?” They might have noticed a shortness of breath; their teeth were getting discolored, they might have developed a hacking cough, there was dryness in the throat, there might have been a deepening in the sound of their voice, they smelled bad; you get the picture. Perhaps all of these symptoms were ignored until they got to “pain.” At that point, the medical doctor might have his proverbial hands full and may have to go the route of surgery or something that is equally catastrophic and invasive to the patient. And regrettably, it is from scenarios like this one that we get the expression that the “cure is worse than the disease.”

The chiropractic approach to health care differs dramatically from the fix it when it’s broken model of the traditional doctor. “Chiropractors work with the spine, not just because it’s often the source of neck and back pain, but because it houses and protects the central nervous system – that system, which monitors, controls and regulates all body function, and allows the body to adapt to internal and external influences.” The business consultant/coach frequently works in an analogous way from the top down and taps into the company’s nervous system with the hope of getting the systems to get back into or maintain their alignment. So having said that, when does change occur?

For you numbers people out there let me put it this way. Alan Webber, co-founder of Business Week, wrote that change is a math formula. Change happens when the cost of status quo is greater than the risk of change. C (SQ) > R(C). This translates as “Are you in enough pain, yet? The reality is it would be so much better for everyone if we would all exercise the “ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” logic but it just doesn’t seem to work that way. So the next time you start to take notice of things going a little awry in your business; before it gets really broken and painful you might want to just take a closer look at it and ask yourself Dr. Phil’s ubiquitous question, “So how’s that working for you?” Asking yourself that one question might save you a lot of time, and money and relieve you of the pain before you begin to experience it.

This article is an introduction to some of the topics Brendan Cunningham addresses in his coaching practice and when he is called upon to do speaking engagements. It is presented here as an extreme tip of the iceberg to some of the philosophical insights he offers in his practice. One to one coaching and speaking programs are much more intensive and geared to do one two things: get results and change behaviors to get you those results. For further information and to request a free EBook of his latest book: “The Seventh Sense the Key to Effectiveness in Life and Business,” please go his website.

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Three Unconventional Ways to Improve Your Business Writing

Your typical business week could include a variety of writing activities. Among them:

-your resume

-progress report on a key project

-job description

– assignments for your team

– proposal for a merger or acquisition

– news release

-article for a trade magazine

-pitching an angel investor

Whatever the writing task, you remain on the lookout for ways to become more effective with your written messages. Why? Because better writing would improve your credibility, reduce confusion, prevent conflict, stimulate team work, boost productivity, and ultimately generate more profit.

You are familiar with the standard recommendations for honing your writing skills: write several drafts, have a colleague or friend offer feedback on your draft, put your draft aside until the next day when you can read it more objectively, and hire an editor. Now look at three unconventional writing improvement methods you may not have considered.

FIRST: Read articles and books by the most popular business writers

They didn’t become best-selling authors by luck or accident. Study their writing styles. Note how frequently they document their instruction by citing case histories and relevant data. Learn how they take financial material that could be dull in the hands of a less imaginative writer, and make the information interesting through profiles of well-known business moguls. Jot down samples of their creative and often humorous play on words passages. Reading a half dozen highly acclaimed business books per year will introduce you to writing strategies you weren’t familiar with in the business arena.

SECOND: Watch spellbinding movies

Next time you cue up a dramatic movie for your evening entertainment, keep pen and paper nearby so you can make notes about the film’s methods for holding your attention. Maybe after a few minutes you will jot down “lively dialogue.” Later on, think of how you could include that script strategy in your business writing.

For instance, suppose your company had interviewed a candidate for a sales management position. Hours later, you send this memo to the CEO: “Marilyn and I disagreed about the candidate we interviewed this morning for the sales management position. I thought he would be a good leader, but she felt his style was outdated.” Your message is clear, but quite run of the mill.

Following the pattern you detected in last night’s movie, you could put your summary in dialogue format:

I said, ‘”Ed would take charge of our sales team quite easily the first day he came to work.” Marilyn disagreed by saying, “This guy is too slick for me, quite artificial. More like the classical snake oil sales hustler than today’s well-informed product rep.”

Movie watching will give you other ideas. Just as movies hold you breathless until they reveal the culprit in the last scene, build suspense in your writing and don’t tip your hand until the final paragraph, such as: “Having considered these four possible alternatives for solving our company’s budget crisis, now I’m going to give you a fifth remedy-the one I endorse and recommend.”

So, while your family is accusing you of wasting time watching more movies than you once did, you’re finding ways to attract and keep readers throughout your job related writing.

THIRD: Learn a foreign language

Words for business and professional people are like bricks for brick masons, brushes for artists, and golf clubs for the touring professional-tools to get the job done. When you write, your success is directly dependent on the tools you have acquired and mastered.

Traditional ways of expanding your vocabulary, such as working crossword puzzles and keeping a list of new words you look up in the dictionary, remain helpful. However, learning at least one foreign language ushers you into a new dimension of word appreciation and interpretation. You discover the derivation of long-familiar words, giving you nuances you had missed. For example,politics came originally from the Greek word polis, which meant city-where of course many political figures made their headquarters. Ethos pertained to character, and led to our word ethics. Logos referred to our reasoning power, which we call logic. So seek opportunities to study unfamiliar languages. Possibly you live within a few miles of a college that offers non-credit language courses available one or two evenings a week. Also, pull off your bookshelf those language books you used to prepare for an overseas vacation.

In summary: To add vigor and clarity to your business writing, read a popular business book every couple of months, analyze the tactics movies use to keep viewers enthralled, and discipline yourself to study at least one foreign language.

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How to Plan Your Business Week for Maximum Impact

There are many items which need your time and attention, both in your network marketing business and in your everyday life. If you take time to plan your business week for maximum impact, you’ll be able to get more done in less time with a lot less stress.

Create a Schedule

The first thing you need to do is to create a schedule for each day of the work week. Since everyone needs some free time to rest and recharge their batteries, start by blocking off some time for this in your schedule for each day. You will want to make sure that you plan adequate times for sleep, eating well, interacting with your family and other activities that form part of your daily life.

Once you have these times blocked off, you need to look at the different kinds of tasks that you need to do to work in your business and on your business.

Working “In” Your Business

Working in your business involves all the tasks necessary to generate income. For network marketers, you can include tasks such as prospecting, dealing with questions and concerns from people in your network, contacting potential joint venture partners, and the like.

If it has to do with making money, it falls into the working “in” your business category. When you are making your schedule for the week, most of the time should be spent on committees which fall within this category.

When Do You Do Your Best Work?

Since working in your business is the reason you started your network marketing venture, you’ll want to make sure you’re performing these activities at the time of day where you can focus and concentrate most clearly. For some people getting down to business first thing in the morning is the best approach, and you should block off some time before noon several times during your work week to look after these tasks.

Working “On” Your Business

Unfortunately, your network marketing business doesn’t run itself. You will need to set aside some time in your weekly schedule for administrative tasks, such as reading and responding to e-mail, cleaning up your e-mail inbox, filing and other related tasks.

If your goal is to get the maximum impact from your weekly business schedule, make sure you are scheduling the activities which will generate income during times when you are most alert. Administrative and other tasks, such as reading, evaluating, and reviewing items, are best left for times when you are not in your most focused zone.

Contrary to what you may be thinking, you will be more effective and a higher degree of productivity for your network marketing efforts by making sure you have adequate free time in your schedule. Trying to perform at a peak level without taking breaks will only lead to fatigue and eventual burnout.

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The Benefits of Stainless Steel Roller Chains

Typically, roller chains can be found in a lot of mechanically powered systems. For instance, you can find them in a number of environments like automotive industries and agriculture systems. Examples of automotive industries they are used in are bicycles and motorcycles. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at some of the common benefits of roller chains made of stainless steel. Read on to find out more.

Rollers chains are also commonly used in conveyor belts and many other industrial assembly environments. Aside from this, you can find these systems in many other environments too.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Roller Chains

Although these products are made of other metals as well, stainless steel is the most common one. This is because this metal offers a lot of benefits. Some of them are listed below. Please note that this list doesn’t talk about all the benefits the unit offers.

Food Applications

Stainless steel roller chains are quite popular in the food industry for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that the steel offers immense strength unlike other metal types you can find and use.

Therefore, products made of this metal can withstand even extreme conditions. Another good thing is that it’s much easier to clean. For instance, in an environment where food packaging, processing and handling is done, you may need to clean the chain more frequently. This is what makes these roller chains a great choice.

Temperature Resistance

Another great thing about these roller chains is that they can work fine even if you place them in an environment where temperature exceeds 400 Celsius. In the same way, they won’t stop working even if you use them in a place where temperature drops below -20 Celsius. This is what makes it an ideal choice in environments that are not good for other metals.

Corrosion Resistance

They are also corrosion resistant even if used in acidic or alkaline environments. In many industries, these roller chains are used either in alkaline or acidic settings. This is why they are preferred in a lot of industries. Aside from this, it offers quite low magnetic permeability. Therefore, we suggest that you opt for them instead of other options out there.


Another good thing about these chains is that they are heat treated for a lot better temperature resistance. Plus, they are put under a lot of stress for testing purposes to reduce the chances of stretching issues or premature leakage. So, as far as safety is concerned, this is the best choice you can take. They can save you a lot of money due to their long lifespan.

Long story short, these are some of the most common reasons why these roller chains are quite popular these days. Although they can’t be the best option for all types of applications, they can work well in many environments. Therefore, if you want to opt for them, we suggest that you give them a go. You won’t regret your choice.

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